November 25th, 2017

(Originally posted to Facebook in 2017. Part 3 of a series from Olivia’s birthday, where we traveled to her 40th country before her 30th year.)

After we dropped our rental car at the Zurich airport, it was easy to catch transit to Vaduz: the train station is in the same building as the air terminals. Getting to Vaduz isn’t as easy as you might think, however: we had to take a train to Zürich HB and switch to a train to Sargans, Switzerland before catching a bus to Vaduz, Liechtenstein. …

November 23rd - 25th, 2017

(Originally posted to Facebook in 2017. Part 2 of a series from Olivia’s birthday, where we traveled to her 40th country before her 30th year.)

We arrived in Zurich rather late in the evening, so we opted for a jet-lagged sleep at a local airport hotel, ibis budget Zurich Airport. After a nice sleep and quick (free) breakfast, we went back to the airport to pick up our rental car for our drive to Interlaken.

In past trips to Europe, we’ve opted for the cheaper manual transmission vehicles. An automatic transmission costs a bit more, but considering Avis considers a…

November 22nd, 2017

(Originally posted to Facebook in 2017. Part 1 of a series from Olivia’s birthday, where we traveled to her 40th country before her 30th year.)

Olivia and I took a six-hour, 6:15 pm flight out of JFK and arrived in Lisbon at 6am. It took a while for us to get through customs, since Portugal only honors electronic passports from EU and neighboring countries, but the line went pretty quickly.

Portugal’s flag flying above the city, from one of the towers of Castelo de São Jorge.

Since we had only twelve hours in our layover, we hadn’t really planned much in advance — we were just going to follow our guidebook (and the weather) wherever it…

This post is one of a series detailing our guided visit to Madagascar in 2019.

Many people — usually near cities, but not always — decide not to farm and instead take up a trade. In our travels we not only saw the end result in many stores, but were taken into workshops to see how the objects were crafted.

The closer you are to a tourist hub, or if the craft involves objects to be bought by tourists instead of exported, there is some theatre involved. The staged workshops are taken up mostly by benches for an audience, even…

The following is first of a series, reflecting on my time as a Midwestern engineer working in Silicon Valley. The opinions expressed are my own, and do not directly reflect the official policies or practices of any company or entity. #YMMV

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It’s been said before: culture is key.

As I currently see it, there are two types of company culture: a Culture of Business and a Culture of Builders. Each carry pros and cons, strengths on which to build and weaknesses to overcome, products that fit and products that don’t.

In this piece, I’ll give my description of the two.

What is a Culture of Business?

Notes from my TEDx Audition: Rethinking the “magic” of software and how it works.

The following are my notes from July 21, 2014 for my five-minute audition to speak at TEDxRenfrewCollingwood. It is a person-centric view of earlier writings on the subject that were merely industry-focused.

In 1984, my uncle sprayed WD-40 into the disk drive of his brand new computer. He heard a “grinding” noise.

Thirty years later, I sat down to lunch with a friend who told me how she had helped upgrade her father to an iPhone. “And Clint,” she said, “it’s so funny: he actually *apologizes* to Siri, all the time!”

That stuck in my head…

Can we redefine how people perceive technology?

So I helped my Mom buy an iPhone last week; she loves it! I’ve been teaching her all kinds of things. Wanna hear something funny, though? She actually apologizes to Siri!

So said a friend of mine one afternoon over coffee, giggling over how much fun her mother was having with her new, “magical” device. As she went on, excited about being able to FaceTime with her and send pictures from around Kansas City, I paused.

She apologized to an app? Out loud?

It shouldn’t be a surprise to induce that kind of reaction from an Apple product: they…

Clint Andrew Hall

User Interface Engineer and geek; Presentation Lead at Elastic, previously at Facebook; married to a gorgeous Canadian; community theatre stages are a 3rd home.

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