Visiting Madagascar: Tradespeople

Left: bicycles, taxis, rickshaws, and even planes wait to be taken home. Right: a workbench where a craftsman demonstrated creating a bike wheel.
In a remote village days later, ducks guard crates of flattened aluminum cans as a man on the left (not pictured) builds model bikes.
A pair of native Zébu, with tall humps and large horns, struggling to climb a rough road to Lac Tritriva.
Left: a pan of beeswax, a sheet of steel where handmade saw-blades are cut, and discarded jeans from which polishing wheels are cut. Right: a pile of Zébu horns and the motor of an old washing machine allow a craftsman to sand the edges of a spoon.

Veneer Stitching

Left: a man at his homemade scroll saw, sorts through a stack of paper templates, with finished works on display. Right: a keychain pendant made from two different pieces of veneer combined.
A man uses a set of carving tools and a wooden hammer to create a bookend shaped like a chameleon on a branch.
Left: a man in the background cuts aluminum window frames into four-inch pieces while another, in sandals, heats them to 800 degrees to remove debris. Right: steel pot forms rest beside purified aluminum ingots.
Making an aluminum pot: form, pour, drain, dump. These men produce a pot and lid every five minutes.



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